Annual Ladies and Old Timer's Brunch
By Ex-Captain Peter Hughes, Jr.
October 23, 2022

On Sunday October 16, 2022, the Independent Fire Company held their annual Ladies and Old Timer’s Brunch at Crabtree’s Kittle House.
The company honored the ladies and our members who have 40+ year of service.
This year children of members were invited to attend the festivities.

It was a beautiful day and a good time was had by all. Thank you to Thor, Doris and Jan Johannessen for organizing this special event.

Member / Years
Paul J. Hughes 70
Howard G. Kensing, Jr. 64
John Thorn 64
William Jackson 63
Leroy Bell, Jr. 63
Louis Mannion 56
Richard Stoorza 55
John Hagen, Jr. 55
John Reber 54
Thor Johannessen 53
Wallace Luhman 53
George Rubin Jr. 50
Donald Mawhinney 49
Francis Mannion Jr. 49
James A. Morgans 46
Richard Flynn 45
John A. Marshall III 45
William Broderick 44
Thomas Jackson 44
Thomas Hunter 44
Robert Hartmann 43
Peter Hughes Jr. 43
Mark Jackson 42


Vicki Arbitrio (Daughter of Mary Victoria Hughes Arbitrio) November 28, 2023 at 10:56 PM
so lovely to see these photos - thank you to all the Independents. I have very fond memories of playing around the firetrucks in the 1960's with all my Hughes/Stewart cousins....<3