MKVFD 9-11 Memorial Service
By Ex-President Richard Alexander
September 17, 2021

Dear Fellow Independents,

I'm writing on behalf of the 9-11 Committee. We want to thank you all for your support and dedication. This years ceremony was very well received and I want to pass along the thank you's I've received as they belong to you all.

This year three Independents contributed with speaking rolls at the service. Maddy Contreras spoke and said the pledge of allegiance, Rub Kensing gave us the opening and closing prayers and our keynote speaker Thor Johannessen gave a speech that I have to say is the best 9-11 speech I've ever heard. I've received accolades about Thor's speech from as far away as South Africa.

Attached here are two links. The first link is courtesy of Nicole Johnson and contains photographs of the service. Click the link to view photos.

The second link is the video of the service. If you were unable to attend I suggest watching the service for two significant speech's. Thor's and our Mayor's speech which was awe inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. Click the link to see video.[0]=AZUTOawyS4ZCLzDhdoGTZstabrOX68E-fDQxfq2m1b2RvAl48mAwivzvd9I5K_14tVoOzuSiR2Om_B_Sipem1l1Xv9_iBjLYUUe2RtSQyMolqMQHIUX9eMZzgSDUbNSW44WWXtOV6ymLyqy3aPzhAmpR&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Stay safe and thank you for your service.

Respectfully Submitted.

Rich Alexander