Closing Out The Year
By Captain Jon Pucila
April 1, 2021

The Mount Kisco Fire Department operates on a April to March fiscal year, which means this April starts a new year for us. It goes without saying that this past year was one of the strangest and most difficult years in the history of The Independents. We went from people being in and out of the fire house multiple times a day to a world where members were prohibited from being at the fire house unless for essential business. Some of us grew beautiful hair flows and beards, while others were losing hair from the stress brought on from the new COVID lifestyle. No matter what, we still had a responsibility to fulfill to the Mount Kisco Community that we serve. As a company, we responded to 358 emergencies.

The following were our top 10 responders for the year
Ex-Captain Frank Duffy - 216 Calls
Ex-Chief Thomas Jackson - 185 Calls
Asst. Engineer Anthony Nocera - 157 Calls
Ex-Captain Ray Zaccari - 131 Calls
Firefighter Maddy Contreras - 123 Calls
Ex-Commissioner John Marshall III - 117 Calls
Firefighter Matt Eiden - 117 Calls
Ex-Captain Chris Ross - 112 Calls
2nd Lieutenant Matt Pucila - 90 Calls
Firefighter Kevin Flood - 87 Calls

While not formally recognized, Chief David Hughes responded to 373 Calls and Captain Jon Pucila responded to 248 Calls.

It would be remiss to not take a moment to remember the members we lost this year, some of whom were active until their final days on this earth and served as a foundation to the Independent Fire Company: John (Jack) Marshall II, Robert Morgans, and Peter Hughes Sr.

Looking forward in to the new year, we are hopeful we can begin to return to some old traditions such as in person meetings, parades, and other community events under our new socially distanced protocols.

All the Best,