2019 - 2020 Top Call Responders
By Captain Raymond Zaccari
April 7, 2020

in 2019, the Independent Fire Company responded to a total of 399 calls. These calls come at all hours of the day with varying conditions for each one. These calls are fire based as the Mount Kisco Fire Department does not currently run EMS, however we do occasionally run for EMS assists. All of our top responders attended over 100 calls for the year.

The Top 10 Responders for 2019 are:
1) Chief David Hughes - 359 Alarms

The next two members are tied for second:
2) Engineer Jeff Playford - 183 Alarms
2) Ex-Chief Tom Jackson - 183 Alarms

4) Ex-Captain Tom Hunter - 177 Alarms
5) Captain Ray Zaccari - 149 Alarms
6) Anthony Nocera - 135 Alarms
7) Ex-Captain frank Duffy - 123 Alarms
8) Engineer Matt Pucila - 115 Alarms
9) Kevin Flood - 103 Alarms
10) Ex-Captain Eric Hartmann - 102 Alarms

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the dedicated members of the Independent Fire Co for all their time that they devote to serving the Village of Mount Kisco and our surrounding Towns. Not included in this list are the countless hours that members spent attending training classes, meetings drills and standbys. Keep up the good work for 2020, we can already see that its going to be different than anything we've ever seen. Thank you again and stay safe!

Raymond Zaccari

Units: C-2281, E-105, E-

Mark Jackson April 07, 2020 at 6:07 PM
40 Years ago tonight was my first April meeting.
It was snowing hard.
We had a working car fire across the street from the firehouse.
And, I won the 50/50.

Miss you all tonight.
Stay Safe.