Working Fire at Grand Prix
By Web Reporter
February 11, 2019

On Monday February 4th at 3:41 PM MKFD was dispatch to 333 North Bedford Road, 60 Control dispatched a reported structure fire in the rear of the building. Upon arrival Chief Hughes (2281) reported a working fire in the rear of Grand Prix and transmitted a 10-75. E-104 went to the rear of the building and stretched an attack line along with a 2nd backup line. Crews from E-105 & 106 entered the front of the building conducted searches and checked for extension. TL-14 crews laddered the roof and conducted roof operations (ventilation). The fire in the storage room was contained by the sprinkler system. The fire filled the massive structure with smoke and this created a prolonged ventilation effort. While on location, the relocated units E-144 & TL-5 along with T-9 and T-7 were dispatched to a fire at 79 Tripp Street. The units reported food on the stove and returned to quarters. Busy day for MKFD

Units: E103, E104, E105, E106 TL-14, R15, R31 and U13
Mutual Aid: R10, E247, L51, TL5, TL57, R36, E144, T9 and T7